#HumourMe 1

I remember living in a farm. My only limit, was the barbed wire fence. I could explore everywhere. But most all, I loved to run. I ran lots. I ran till I could run no more. Especially one night, one night i will always remember.I loved to run. The only thing I didn’t like, was when I tripped and face planted in cow crap. I was swishing my mouth out with listerine for at least a half of an hour. My feet had gotten caught on a loop of string buried in the ground. It got caught, and the next thing you know, the people of my face were left for dead, aas the thick warm paste splashed all over me. Im sad to say, the only witness was my sister, who probably peed herself laughing.

Funny for you, not so much for me.

If you know something funny, post a comment that starts with #HumourMe, ill leave a comment!


#HumourMe 1

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